How to Bet on Horses

May you are wondering what is horse racing? Horse Racing can be a very rewarding sport if you do it right. It is when two or more jockeys ride in distance to see who has the fastest horse. In this game, you need to win more than you lose to come out with a profit.

Flat Racing

First, you need to know all the different types of horse racing there is. Flat racing is when the horses are running at a predetermined distance, running from 440 yards to up to 2 1/2 miles. This type of race will determine how fast they are and how much stamina they have. If you pay closely to these type of races, there will always be a consistent winner and a consistent loser. By studying the best horse will give you the best odds in these types of races.

Jump Racing

Jump racing is another form of racing. This type of racing involves horses jumping over large fences. This race is to test the horse ability to lift their body weight over obstacles; including the jockey’s weight.The bigger the course; the easier it is to identify how strong your horse is. Steeplechasing and hurdling are two forms of jump racing. It is best to pick the oldest horse when you pick your horse.

Endurance Racing

Endurance racing stands to be the most recognized type of race. In endurance racing, horses are measured by how much they can run at a set time. The first horse that crosses the finish line is the winner.Evaluate previous games;it will increase your chances of winning your bets. The longer the horses run, the stronger they are. Make sure they are healthy because it is the most important factor in horse betting.

How To Bet On Horses

With the knowledge of all the types of races there are, now you need to know how to bet on races. In horse racing you have to bet wagers, there are two types of wagers. Straight wagers and exotic wagers are the best ways to place bets. With a straight wager, you can only bet on one horse. You have 5 different ways to place this bet.
• Win – If your horse comes in first place you win
• Place- Your bet is your horse comes in first or second place
• Show- Bet your horse comes in first, second, or third place
• Across the board- You are betting your horse will win, place, and show
• Win/Place, Place/Show- You bet your horse to win and place, if horses come in second place then you only win the place bet. In a place/show you bet first, second and third place.

Exotic wagers have 4 different ways to place a bet.
• Exacta- Betting on two horses to come in first and second
• Quinella-Bet two horses to come in first and second in any order
• Trifecta-You bet three horses come in first, second, and third place in order
• Superfecta- You bet that four horses will come in first, second, third, and forth place in order

Now it’s time to place your bets. Go up to the teller and give them the racetrack number. Tell them the amount of your bet and the type of bet you are placing. Lastly give them the horse’s program number. It’s really not that hard to place bets in racing, so be sure to follow all steps to get the most successful outcome. Happy betting to you.

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